AmelieStrange (ameliestrange) wrote,

High, Wide and Handsome

It seems as if it's been a lot longer since Christmas; a lot longer since I was in Oregon, and a lot longer since Italy. But it's January and I'm still in Florida and unfortunately enjoying it and, well hey, may as well stick around for a minute. It seems as if the busy waltz of the holidays has just bled over -- I'm not tired of seeing anyone yet, and I'm comfortable. My room is key lime green, the tomatoes are alright outside despite the cold, and I've got little lovely plans that don't have so much to do with traversing the sides of the cage or playing with a rubber band on the bumper.
I got a job at a restaurant on First Street in Sanford, which is a place I've always wanted to work at. And, next to the Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe, it's by far the best place I could hope to work at in the historic district. The owner is young and great to hang out with, and his girlfriend and the other servers are hilarious too. There's the possibility of making a lot of money as well, so until the new what's next shows up, I'm sitting pretty. Some people have been talking about renting out the apartment above the restaurant in Sanford, and I said I'd throw down too, depending on lease requirements.
I went to Flagler Beach to visit an old friend today - I do a lot of that these days, visit old friends - and Flagler's even lovelier. Rent seems pretty cheap and the town is just as pretty as can be. The longer I'm home, the more I become attached. So I search for things to do to make things matter -- If you're going to stand on her, if she will bear your weight, you must love her in return.
But there is a reconnaissance mission in the works regardin Miss Alexandra and myself. A sojourn beginning in a corner of the country that has a big green heart in it, careening to the sunshine state and then exploding across the southeast in search of KICKS. The mermaids of Weeki Watchee will stare in disbeleif, the city of Gainesville will fall to its knees, and the Appalachians will fill with the thick fog of the mystery we will bring with us. The streets of Jackson will burn and Birmingham will be interesting - just for us. The maps are on the walls, the place is a mess but indeed conspiracy is in the cards.

Have "High, Wide and Handsome" carved on my gravestone
With the date I was born, plus the date that I died
Then take one from the other, all that's left is a number
Just remember I laughed twice as hard as I cried
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