AmelieStrange (ameliestrange) wrote,

Bless my poor tired traveler's soul

I guess this is probably what I wanted -- a winter of travel, discovery and intregue. But holy hell does it hurt a wallet.
I haven't been able to sit still in Lake Mary, although I love being home. But I'm fidgeting and apparently that can only be remedied by moving moving moving. So here we go.
I got called for an interview in Eugene for an emergency dispatcher job that would start in May. It's the one job I really really want -- the pay is great, benefits, the whole deal, and housing in Eugene is pretty cheap. So I have customarily taken this one necessary trip to Eugene Oregon to a level of complete elaboration. Because I started thinking, well, if I'm going to be in Eugene then I may as well get there a week early, drive to Humboldt to see Eddie, and if I'm going to do that it's only 6 hours to see Ben in San Jose. And of course I book the flight through Portland because it's cheaper (it is) but I forget that I'm still 24 and I have to pay an extra $25 a day because I'm apparently a liability. I called the Enterprise folks and they said there really isn't any way around this, although I forgot to ask if the extra $25 a day would be considered insurance, because it sure as fuck should be.
And then since that's in December and I'm not really in a position to get a job since my family and I are going to Italy in two weeks, I figure - what the hell - I'll drive up to Tallahassee to see some people, and then that's only 6 hours to New Orleans. You'd think I'd learn.
And then I decided that my room needs to be painted on my own dime, since my dad's not going to get around to it. You know it always seems that when you have money in the bank that it's inexhaustible, and by January 1 I'm sure I'll finally realize that is sure as fuck isn't and it's time to rock some serving job again.
But in the meantime, the weather is beautiful, wish you were here.
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