AmelieStrange (ameliestrange) wrote,

You need to step it up

So it's all so complicated. I got fired from the restaurant in Sanford I was working at. I've never been fired before, and even though it really is so trivial, particularly in a state where you can be fired for wearing the wrong color underwear if someone wants to. But it's so complicated - because Ali Mae comes around the mountain on February 11. I mean, I was planning on ditching on the restaurant then, but that two weeks of work would have amounted to a lot of money, which I don't really have right now. And if she comes in two weeks, there isn't much of a point in trying to get a job between now and then. So I'm up in the air for two weeks. I mean, I suppose I could partake in all sorts of personal enrichment. And in all honesty it's really not that complicated.
I could think about how I may or may not have been officially employed by said restaurant and may or may not have messed up with my unemployment regarding any funds I may recieve in the future. I could worry about my money going away and when I should leave Florida. I could wonder how much longer I'll be up in the air about any Park job, or how long I'll be wondering whether or not I'll get into Northwestern State. I could worry about how disappointing it is that I'm living with my parents, or that I'm unemployed, or that I'm not doing this that or the other thing that I should be.
I've been doing that for days now -- stagnant, fidgeting, stalled and unmotivated. But By the Way, is right, to be patient for the love of god. And Dems is right, that I seem to wake up a lot with change stuck to my skin.

Money's just paper, liquors thicker than water
High wide and handsome, in thought word and deed.
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